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Pontiac G3 Free Download PDF Factory Service Manual / Repair Manual

Pontiac G3 Factory Service Repair Manual

Factory service manual / repair manual for the Pontiac G3 built between 2007 to 2010. This manual covers all aspects of vehicle repair and maintenance, along with rebuild guides for engine, gearbox, axles, suspension, steering, brakes, interior components, exterior components, electrical systems and wiring diagrams.

Pontiac G3 Vehicle Information

The Aveo 5-door hatchback was marketed as the "Aveo5" in Canada since its inception and in the US beginning with model year 2007. The models were sold as Pontiac Wave (4-door and 5-door, since the 2005 model year) and Suzuki Swift+ (5-door) in Canada. The T200 Wave sedan was replaced for the 2007 model year with the T250, coinciding with the release of the 2007 T250 Aveo. For the 2009 model year, Pontiac Wave was renamed to Pontiac G3 Wave in Canada. In the United States, Pontiac sold the 5-door hatchback as the Pontiac G3 starting in the spring of 2009. Because of General Motors phasing out the Pontiac brand, the Pontiac G3/Wave is no longer manufactured after the 2010 model year, and the last Pontiac G3 Wave rolled off the line in December 2009, making this the last overall Pontiac vehicle to roll off the line, even though the last Pontiac for the American market was the 2010 Pontiac G6. The Pontiac G3 has the distinction of being the last Pontiac-badged model introduced to the United States market before the brand's 2010 demise. For the 2010 model year, Canadian models are simply referred to as Pontiac G3.

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