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Great Wall Haval H3 Hover X240 Free Download PDF Factory Service Manual / Repair Manual

Great Wall Haval H3 Hover Workshop Service Manual : 2005 - 2012 [Chassis: X240]

Great Wall workshop service manual for the Great Wall Haval H3 Hover built from 2005 to 2012. Covers models with the X240 chassis type. This manual details all repairs and maintenance details for the mechanical systems including driveline (engine, gearbox, transaxles), suspension systems, braking systems and steering components along with body, chassis and electrical systems including body panels, glass replacement, bumpers, interior components, lighting systems and electrical wiring including wiring diagrams. Diagnostic advice is also provided.

Great Wall Haval H3 Hover Vehicle Information

The Great Wall Haval H3 also known as the Great Wall Hover, is a compact sport utility vehicle (SUV) produced by the Chinese manufacturer Great Wall Motors from April 2005 to 2012.

It was the first Chinese car to be exported in large quantities to Western Europe in 2006, with 30,000 units shipped to Italy. Its main advantage over established European, North American and Asian rivals is its low comparative cost. A six-speed automatic concept version called the Great Wall Hover H7 was made and can reach speeds of up to 225 km/h or 140 mph.

In Australia, it was badged as the Great Wall X240 until 2011, when the X240 nameplate was used on the Haval H5.

Source: Wikipedia