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Volvo P1800 S Free Download PDF Factory Service Manual / Repair Manual

Volvo P1800 S Factory Service Manual 1961 - 1973

Factory service manual for the Volvo P1800 series S Chassis vehicles built between 1961 and 1973. Covers all maintenance and repairs along with rebuild and tuning guidelines for engine, gearbox, differential, brakes, steering, suspension, body panels, interior components and electrical systems, also includes wiring diagrams and details for diagnostics.

Volvo P1800 Vehicle Information

The Volvo P1800 is a two-passenger, front-engine, rear-drive sports car manufactured and marketed by Volvo Cars as a coupe (1961–73) and shooting-brake (1972–73).

While the P1800 was more of a stylish touring car rather than a sports car when it came to its speed capabilities, the P1800 first became popular when it was featured as the main car driven by Roger Moore in the hit television series The Saint which aired from 1962-1969. The P1800 featured styling by Pietro Frua and mechanicals derived from Volvo's Amazon/122 series.

The car was marketed as the Volvo P1800, 1800S, 1800E and 1800ES.

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